DRUK AIR- Royal Bhutan Airlines ECONOMY   TASHI AIR- Bhutan Airlines ECONOMY
Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok US$ 782.70 Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok US$ 782.70
Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu US$ 426.80 Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu US$ 426.80
Delhi-Paro-Delhi US$ 647.20 Delhi-Paro-Delhi US$ 647.20
Kolkota-Paro-Kolkota US$ 455.50 Kolkota-Paro-Kolkota US$ 455.50
Dhaka-Paro-Dhaka US$ 400.40 No flight to Dhaka
Singapore-Paro-Singapore US$ 967.40 No flight to Singapore
www.drukair.com.bt www.bhutanairlines.bt

Druk Air Domestic: Paro to Bumthang= US$ 177; Bumthang to Paro= US$177: Roundtrip= US$ 354
Tashi Air has no domestic flight.

* Fares may fluctuate a bit depending on exchange rates on day of purchase of tickets
** Fares as of 21 October 2017

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