Bhutan Rebirth is a locally owned tours and treks company based in Thimphu, the Capital of Bhutan. Registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan of the Royal Government of Bhutan, we have had experience in the travel business for a long time now and we have learned as best as we could along the way what constitutes a near perfect holiday for the discerning individual especially sincere people who want value for their money. People who have heard about Bhutan and wish to explore properly the culture, the people, the traditions, and basically everything that constitutes the Kingdom of Bhutan.

At Bhutan Rebirth we hope also to learn from our guests and where they come from.

Bhutan Rebirth's expert tour guides will connect you to Bhutan behind the scenes, opening the doors to some of the world’s most zealously guarded secrets. Passion, enthusiasm, and good taste defines everything that Bhutan Rebirth does. We choose our hotels carefully for their décor and ambience- all have to be approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We give you the best of both worlds; the complete insight into Bhutan and friendly, efficient service with the help of our dynamic management and highly professional staff.

We hope to get to know you soon, personally......

Keshav G. (Managing Director);

CEO: Mrs. Tshering Nordon Gurung

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