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Bhutan Package Festival Tours

[Please note that the festivals take place during high season. Hence the high season rate of US$ 250 per person per day applies. Package Costs given below is total price of the Holiday from start to finish. Please also note that dates are subject to change, plus or minus a few days, depending on local religious and astrological determinations on timings called "Zakar".]

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Bhutan Package Festival Tours:

1. Thimphu Tsechu Festival Tour-
Thimphu Tshechu: Tshechu are religious festival honoring Guru Rinpoche, the patron saint who brought Buddhism in Bhutan in the 8th century. He is regarded as the founder of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism, the "oldest school" of Lamaism which is still followed very popularly.

2. Thangbi Mani Festival Tour-
Thangbi Mani Festival - This is a four day festival performed in Thangbi Lhakhang, located in Thangbi village in Central Bhutan. This festival is organised by the people of the three vilages of Thangbi, Goling & Kharsath and it displays the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Lhakhang (monastery).

3. Jambay Lhakhang Drup Tsechu Festival Tour
Jambay Lhakhang Drup: This festival is held in Bumthang annually around the end of October or sometimes the beginning of November. It is held to honour the deeds of Guru Rimpoche, an Indian saint who brought the Tantric form of Buddhism to Bhutan.

4. Black Crane Festival Phobjikha Tour-
Bhutan, in autumn, the Gangtey province in Wangdue welcomes our annual visitors from Tibet. The welcome is in the form of a colourful festival to celebrate the return of the black-necked cranes.

5. Punakha Domchey Festival Tour-
This festival includes masked dances; and wearing of spectacular costumes made of yellow silk or rich brocade, often decorated with ornaments of carved bone. For certain dances, the monks wear masks which represent fearsome deities.

6. Punakha Domchey Festival Tour -
This tour differs from the one above with an extra day in Punakha an excursion to Ura in Bumthang.

7. Chorten Kora Tsechu (arrive Paro, Depart Paro)-
Attend the climax of the little-known country side festival at Chorten Kora in eastern Bhutan where the tantric mystic is said to have subdued the local demon. Mingle with the locals and people from the Arunachal Pradesh who come across the border to witness the Festival. Entry to Bhutan and exit is both from Paro.

8. Chorten Kora Tsechu (arrive Paro, exit India)-
The most comprehensive cultural adventure of the Dragon Kingdom takes us from the western to the eastern borderlands of Arunachal Pradesh, with in depth exploration of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangduephodrang and Gangtey in the west; Trongsa and Bumthang in central Bhutan; Mongar and Trashigang in the east. The trip expands from west to east along the lateral high way and finally concludes at Samdrup Jongkar to exit to Indian cities for your onward journeys.

9. Chorten Kora Tsechu (arrive India, exit Paro)-
In this tour package the arrival is through Guwahati and exit is from Paro.

10. Gom Kora Tsechu
In order to honour Guru Rimpoche, people mostly from eastern Bhutan such as Brokpa, Sharchokpa and some people of the central and western parts of Bhutan as well as people from Aurnachal Pradesh in North-East India gather to celebrate Gom Kora Tsechu. Circumambulate around the Lhakhang in search of their partner for the night and if they get their partner they vanish into the dark, nearby and play the game of love. Places covered: Samdrup Jongkhar, Trashi Gang, Trashi Yangtshi, Gomkora, Mongar, Bumthang, Trongsa, Wangdiphodrang, Punakha, Thimphu & Paro.

11. Paro Tsechu Festival Tour-
Thimphu & Paro Festivals account for over 50 percent of the total arrivals; and certainly Paro Tsechu is the most popular one with its unique unfurling of the world’s biggest Thangka or Thongdrel ceremony. The pageantry is a unique experience, nothing you would have ever seen before. This tour differs from the next two below as it covers just the Paro festival itself and Thimphu visit.

12. Paro Tsechu Festival Tour with Druk Path Trek-
This differs from the tour above in that it includes the famous Druk Path Trek from Paro to Thimphu via Phajoding.

13. Ura Yakchoe Festival Tour-
Ura Yakchoe - Ura is a beautiful village set amidst a pristine highland meadow across the Thumsingla Pass. The village has retained its traditional character and holds its own festival that offers an insight into lives of the rural Bhutanese.

Note: [About entering Bhutan by road: A visitor to Bhutan may be entering or leaving Bhutan by road via India either from Assam (after visiting Guwahati) or West Bengal (after visiting Darjeeling or Sikkim). There is no airport in Darjeeling or Sikkim. From Darjeeling and Gangtok (Sikkim) Jaigaon is only around four hours away by road. When entering from West Bengal via this border town of Jaigaon you reach Phuentsholing the Southern Gateway to Bhutan. From Phuentsholing it is only 4 and a half hours drive to Thimphu or Paro. However when entering from Guwahati via the Eastern gateway of Samdrup Jongkhar one has to pass many dzongkhags of East and Central Bhutan to reach Thimphu and Paro.]

For Clients travelling in peak seasons and Festival time, it is necessary to book the Tour at least 2 1/2 months in advance. Festivals held in autumn and spring are peak time for tourists and without early reservation it can be difficult to confirm flights and hotels.

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